Written as a header for one of my journals

Memories that I record
Call to mind things long begun;
Precious is that sweet reward,
Showing me what God has done.

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Teaching Spanish

Motivational posters on cinder block walls
Dry erase markers in red, blue, and green
Bulletin boards
Lesson plans
Twenty-four student desks
Students paired in conversation
Graded papers to record and return
Field trips to Rancho Grande
Mariachi music
Black felt sombrero

In response to a challenge by Brave and Reckless to write about a life experience using only 10 objects

My Onesimus

Squirrels lookingA Message of Forgiveness from Philemon

Please be warned that today’s post touches on some painful memories. As I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s blog post, I’m going to make myself vulnerable to you because I believe someone out there needs to understand in no uncertain terms that God is interested in every situation and in every life. And there is nothing so big, so ugly, and so horrible, that He cannot transform it into something beautiful. Your situation may be far worse than mine, but God is bigger than your problems. Please let that sink in as you read my story.

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